A little bit about me.

Hi, I’m Lucille and I love to photograph people!

I’m a proud Yorkshire lass who lives near Leeds with my brilliant kids; Charlotte, the adventurer, who’s always living life to the full, her baby brother Evan whose jolly smiles lights up my world; and my very patient partner Dave.

Before I came into photography I worked as a graphic designer, which gave me a creative outlet but the urge to photograph my life and adventures led me down this path and I’ve not looked back since.

Now, I’m lucky enough to capture the incredible joy of a wedding day. Telling the real stories of the people, the love and the laughter that makes their day unique.

It’s really important for me to get to know my clients, so here’s a bit about me…

– Being a Yorkshire lass, my tipple of choice is a proper brew (failing that a G&T will suffice).

– I’m a mega foodie and have been known to talk about my dinner plans whilst eating my breakfast.

– I love to travel, and although my hotel search criteria now includes the distance to the nearest kids playground I’m always on the lookout for more stamps on my passport.

– I’m very easily spooked so never creep up on me – I can’t be held responsible for my actions.

– EastEnders is my guilty pleasure, please don’t judge me.

But that’s enough about me, it’s time for you to tell me your story.