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July 4, 2020 | FAMILIES

So after 103 days, that’s 2472 hours or 14 8320 minutes if you really want to feel the passing of time – we’ve reached “Super Saturday” businesses are reopening, you can visit your local for a pint or even a lucky few managed to get an appointment at their hairdressers to combat a corona-cut. The country is gently easing itself back to a normality, that is a new normal but one that so many people have longed for.

I for one just got over excited when my older sister told me she was en route to visit our parents, mask in hand and still distancing. This milestone has been a long time coming and I know how much it will mean to both of them when they can finally be in the same room together. I’m up next on the visitors list and I’m definitely going to need some waterproof mascara on for that reunion.

As I look back on my time in lockdown what do I take from it? As my partner Dave is a key worker he like so many have been going to work throughout this whole chapter in our history, so I’ve spent most of my days with our two children, Charlotte and Evan. There’s been ups and downs, a lot of baking, walking, laughter, some tears and thankfully Disney+ has got us through. But also has the relationships I’ve made with our neighbours. I’m lucky to live on a quiet cul-de-sac which during the first few months of lockdown had little to no traffic so was reclaimed by the children of the street. Out riding bikes or playing on their driveways, and of course everyone came out to support the NHS with the clap for carers which for me felt really emotional the first time I stepped out. As I’d been spending most of my time with two children under the age of three to see another adult wave across the road and interact with me was amazing. Our little street has become a treasured community having socially distant street parties and enjoying sunny drinks from our drives.

I’m an extrovert, and as such I crave contact with others so being told I can’t visit my nearest and dearest has been really tough. But thanks to the power of Zoom (a web service I didn’t even know existed until this all kicked off) I’ve been able to communicate with friends and family, hold quizzes, have a gossip, enjoy my new pastime of virtual bingo with my girl friends (all with a glass of wine in hand as I no longer need to drive anywhere) and most importantly ensure big milestones like my kids birthdays were still celebrated with those we love. Although we’ve been apart, in some ways lockdown has brought me closer to the people that matter – without the distractions of everyday life I’ve felt free to reconnect with them… but I can’t wait until I can hug them all again.

So what would I like to take away from these “unprecedented times”? I’ve learnt to be flexible and go with the flow, work around my kids and not sweat the small stuff as much. Enjoy the time I spend with friends and family, be present and involved – put down my phone (and camera) and be in the moment.

As a wedding photographer the restrictions to protect us from covid stopped all large gathering so the celebrations for my couples have been put on hold until next year, and I’m sure there’ll be one heck of a party to capture – I can’t wait! But from today, July 4th, small wedding ceremonies can resume and for those couples able to say “I do” – albeit in a different way from how they first imagined – I hope they feel the love of all their family and friends; even if they can’t be with them.

Lockdown has been hard but it wasn’t all bad for us. Here’s a glimpse of my life over the past 3 months…

Alison having a socially distant visit from her sister. My neighbours very kindly let me capture life on our street.
The empty high street and shops with the shutters down on a busy sunny Saturday morning was an eerie sight.
Good job us Brits are queuing masters as we’ve done it a lot over these past months.
But our little street came together to celebrate VE day.
Being lucky to live in beautiful Yorkshire we’ve explored our local area and discovered lovely walks right on our doorstep.
We had more time for the little things that matter.

I’ve got so many memories of the past few months but the over riding one will be Charlotte telling me what she’ll do “when the world is better” – top of her list is going to soft play, having a sleep over with her friends and hugs from Grandma. Not big requests but I’m sure they’ll mean a lot when she can finally do them. We’ve all sacrificed a lot and made difficult decisions but I hope to remember the positives from this time and look back with love.






So after 103 days, that's 2472 hours or 14 8320 minutes if you really want to feel the passing of time - we've reached "Super Saturday" businesses are reopening, you can visit your local for a pint or even a lucky few managed to get an appointment at their...