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April 13, 2020 | FAMILIES, Uncategorized, WEDDINGS

As the outbreak of Covid-19 has spread across the country, these past few weeks have seen daily life as we know it change beyond recognition. With restrictions put in place on gatherings I – like so many of my photographer friends – have been unable to shoot the weddings of our brilliant couples.

It’s been tough all round as many brides and grooms to be have had to put their big day on hold – the emotions have been palpable via emails or phone calls. It’s given me cause for reflection, because after all isn’t marriage the union of just two people? But for me (and indeed my couples) a marriage is so much more than just the bride and groom. It’s the merging of two lives including all their family and friends.

The ones we love go beyond our homes. Obviously, there’s the family we are born into, but also the family we make for ourselves. The friendships forged in childhood (in my case over a joint appreciation of cheesy pop and equally cheesy dance moves), the bonds through shared experiences such as at university, onwards into our work lives – and as I’ve discovered over the past few years further still into life as a parent too. These relationships leave a mark on our souls shaping us into the beings we are.

So for me capturing as much, and as many people as I can at a wedding is vital to tell the full story of the day, transporting couples back to that moment (or perhaps showing them something they’ve missed) so their can relive their day time after time.

This Bank Holiday weekend would usually have been a time for seeing my own family and friends, although I’ve been lucky enough to have that connection with them via video calls and seeing their faces has help me massively in these extraordinary times of social distancing. For me nothing can replace a real hug from your mum or sharing a laugh with your best friend over a glass (or three) of wine. Looking back over my photos of fun times from the past with them reminds me that we’ll get through this and there’ll be many more good times to come.

So, I decided to create a gallery of images that showcase moments I’ve captured where the bride & groom are perhaps not the main focus of the shot. But the interactions between them or their guests convey the emotion shared through coming together to celebrate the love and union of two people.

I hope all my couples past and present, and my family and friends stay home, stay safe and save lives. We are all in this together. Love each other.

Greeting our loved ones
Feeling the emotion of the day
Mum’s bursting with pride
The wait
Being on our best behaviour
Dad’s loving look at his little girl
Newly married couple showered with confetti
Showered with love
That “Just Married” feeling
Three friends sharing a laugh together
Sharing a smile
Welcoming waves to the happy couple
Emotional guest at a wedding reception
Remembering those who can’t be with you
Bride and Groom at wedding reception sharing a loving gaze.
Stolen glances at the one you love
The Hora Jewish wedding dance celebrations
Getting ready to hit the dance floor
Being swept off your feet
Romantic couple wedding first dance
Lost in an embrace

I hope you’ve enjoyed my collection of images and found this blog post uplifting. Things always seem darkest before the dawn but remember we’ll all be together again soon and the celebrations will really begin. x






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