The Experience.

My journey into wedding photography began when I was a bridesmaid for my older sister, and as her traditional wedding photographer was shooting the bridal party he placed us in very staged group poses and told us to “gaze, lovingly” at our sister… now, don’t get me wrong, I do love my sister but I don’t generally gaze romantically at her. This resulted in us falling about laughing, and rather than capturing this real reaction we got a telling off from the photographer, who told us these pictures were a serious business and to just “smile”.

It was at this point a seed was planted, and I thought that there must be a better way to shoot weddings. One that tells the real story of a couple’s day, and preserves the fun, love and laughter they shared with their loved ones. Fast forward to now, and I get the brilliant job of honestly recording the weddings of amazing couples who put their trust in me.


Your day your way

Special moments

I believe that your wedding photography should slot into your day unnoticed (I try my best to be a camera ninja). You should be allowed to enjoy your day with the friends and family you’ve invited, and not feel separated from them for a never ending photo shoot.

Of course, there are moments throughout your day when we might take a short walk to get some private shots but my couples tell me they love that it gives them some quiet time together, away from the celebrations to personally reflect on the day. But I always make sure that you’re never away from the party for too long!

My style is relaxed and informal, documenting your day honestly to give you the images that will transport you back to those moments again and again.

I’d love to learn more about you as a couple, what makes you tick and how I can slot into your day, so please get in touch!